Jumbo Prawns
Caesar Salad

Salads like never before. Try our new salad menu.

Romaine hearts lettuce mixed with caesar dressing, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, carrots, and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese topped with our homemade Jumbo Prawns.

Tortellini Primavera

The Italians are coming !!! Try our new pasta menu.

Cheese Tortellini pasta with your choice of our 100% homemade sauce, tossed with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and green onions, topped with fine chopped fresh parsley. Served with garlic bread.


Hot pizza, fresh from the oven!

Fresh, hot, and delicious pizza…always made to order! Try one of our tasty creations or build your own perfect pizza!


Take the fun out of eating pizza with our fresh made salads!

A bed of lettuce topped with tomatoes, artichoke hearts, olives, cucumbers, carrots, and a sprinkling of mozzarella cheese.


Try a pizza perfection!

Hot Combination Pizza on our special handmade dough, topped with homemade marinara sauce, our family recipe Italian sausage, and fresh, crunchy veggies.


Say Cheese!

Handmade dough topped with massive amounts of mozzarella, served with hearty tomato sauce – the perfect complement to any meal!


Pineapple, Black Olives, Bell Pepper

Taste the freshness of our hand cut veggies on our delicious customized pizzas. We are passionate about using only the freshest ingredients possible, and guarantee you will taste the difference in every bite.

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Looking for pizza delivery in San Jose! Come to Pizza Express and experience the best pizza in town! We offer 30 different specialty pizzas to satisfy every wild pizza fantasy.

We are the best pizza restaurant delivery in San Jose. We are immensely proud in our fast pizza delivery service. Just visit our site online, choose the type of pizza you want and call us. Next thing you know, our pizza express service will get your pizza to your house in no time. We offer delivery services in San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell and other surrounding areas.

Stop by the restaurant or order online, to taste San Jose’s finest pizza. It will always be


Check out are full menu online to view other delicious items on our menu.

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Oven-baked rotini pasta with our homemade alfredo sauce, topped with grilled chicken, Italian seasoning and mozzarella cheese. (Served w/ Garlic Bread)
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10 Pc’s of Buffalo Wings. These meaty wings are coated in a hot and spicy buffalo sauce. Served with ranch dipping sauce.
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Light and airy perfection. Ahhh...Our mousse desserts offer the perfect option when you're looking for lighter fare that's a little sweet but not too filling. Finished with fresh whipped cream and topped with thin chocolate shavings.


Tired of being put on hold to order your favorite pizza pie? Then try our online ordering today! All you have to do is create an account and start customizing your order. Once you sign up you will have access to your past orders and favorite items. Skip the line and order online, with San Jose’s Pizza Express!



We make our dough from scratch, using the finest products we can find. Our hand-made dough is made daily and is always fresh, never frozen.


Taste the freshness of our hand cut veggies on our delicious customized pizzas. We are passionate about using only the freshest ingredients possible, and guarantee you will taste the difference in every bite.


Experience the best tasting sausage in San Jose on our one-of-kind pizzas. Our sausage comes from the Harris Ranch not far from San Jose, so it’s guaranteed fresh. The flavor of the sausage seeps into the crust and sauce, creating a delectable taste bud adventure that you won’t want to end.


We serve up house made sauces on every pizza. Take your choice of our in-house tomato Red, cheesy Alfredo, Pesto, or creamy Garlic sauce to customize your pie.


Reed what people are saying about Pizza Express! Those are the latest 10 reviews from YELP. We update it monthly.

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  • This is the BEST PIZZA EVER. The ingredients are #1 i got an XL combo and it was sooo good, lots of toppings, actual cheese and lots of it. quick service, was ready in twenty minutes. Cant wait to get it again. This place is my go to pizza joint now
    Yanoosh T.
  • Quick delivery and one of the best sausage pizzas (big sausage meatballs!) I have ever had. I look forward to a long and delicious relationship with Pizza Express.
    Paul H.
  • Best pepperoni pizza("pepperoni blast") I have ever had!! Light sauce, thin crust and tons , I mean tons of pepperoni and cheese!! It took about 15 min to get here, and it was piping hot!( I live close). The delivery guy was great too. I've found my new pizza place!!!
  • I must admit that I was skeptical going in but the food was great! And the service was good too. I got the sweet/spicy wings and the pesto bread. They give you a healthy portion for the pesto bread and the sweet/spicy wings had the perfect balance of flavor. Go check it out
    Wesley M.
  • Decent inexpensive alternative when you're not feeling like chain pizza. Their to-go salads are were very generous and fresh.
    Jen S.
  • This is the best pizza in town. Super friendly staff. They use quality toppings. Now they have pasta's. I almost stopped eating pizza. Not... I highly recommend the chicken pasta. OMG it's great and a great amount.
    Steve T.
  • being from the east coast, i think i know my pizza and this is a very good place, good food, good service, and good price. cant ask for anything more!!!
    Ilya N.
  • Small and clean place. A very nice guy took our order. He made our vegetarian pizza while we waited. I was surprised they had three choices just for veggie pizza, great to see for vegetarians.
    Davinder G.
  • Super fast delivery. Pizza is good...and I'm a former New Yorker, so I'm picky. Prices were fair. I didn't like the Greek salad, but the pesto bread was da bomb!
    Brianna S.
  • Ordered here a few more times. I have become addicted to this place. Great pizza and great customer service!
    Brock B.
  • This review is more about service - My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship. It was our 8 monthsary and he was having a long day at work. I decided to make his day by sending him his favorite pizza and surprise him. The guy who took my call was super nice. I requested that they put pepperoni, pineapple and jalapeños in the shape of the number 8. He said it wouldn't be a problem and I expressed my excitement! I paid over phone and asked him to let me know when the pizza was delivered. They promptly called as soon as the pie was delivered after a particularly hilarious exchange about what 8 meant to him and my bf telling him he had just "ate" Service was great, pizza was delicious according to my bf, great success!
    Claudia C.
  • I love to stop by here on my "man period"days (You know......., those days after a long hard stretch of work, school, and/or just life overall, when you just want to punch everyone in the throat ) to indulge on a warm crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside crusted pizza loaded with hot stringy cheese and generous portions of toppings. I feel a lot better after eating one of these pies from here :) My go-to pizza is the combination. I like that they also don't skimp on the cheese, pepperoni, and sausage. If you're a huge fan of garlic ( and I'm talking about the type of fan that isn't ashamed to have it reek from your pores hours after you consume it,) I recommend ordering the Garlic Bread here. Make sure that you specify the garlic bread that they bake with cheese. SOOOO good! Dip it in ranch and your set. My overall impression of the place, it's a good pizza joint if you're tired of getting the shaft on price/ getting skimped on quality and quantity from corporate pizzerias. One of the few places where a personal pan pizza could fill you up if your hungry scale was running on medium. Love Pizza Express!
    Tim O.
  • Clean restaurant, easy ordering process, fairly priced, friendly staff, quickly made pizza. First time customer and Pizza Express has already made a good impression on me today. I needed an XL combination pizza for lunch with my co workers and I needed it fast. The tall handsome Indian guy (no homo) working at the time made my pizza in under 30 minutes with a ton of toppings, did I mention my pizza had behemoth sized sausage balls? (thats what she said). The size and proportion was impressive for what I ordered. The worker even checked my debit card for security verification purposes before payment, A+ work man.
    Jovan N.
  • Just moved to a new house and decided it was time to find a new pizza joint, I did a search for "24-hour Pizza Delivery" and Pizza Express popped up. Without reading the closing time I ordered a pizza about 10 minutes before they closed (which I guess Yelp messed up on the 24 hour part). After I had already made my order I actually read the reviews and noticed on the side that they were already closed! I worked in restaurants before and I know how much I hated those assholes who sauntered in at close. When I went to check if it was possible to cancel and apologize it was already out for delivery! Super fast prep time, super fast delivery, and the driver was very polite while I apologized profusely. On top of all that the pizza is really good! Their amazing service and great pizza have made me a loyal customer. I will order from them for all future deliveries!
    Ashley H.
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