Looking for pizza delivery in San Jose! Come to Pizza Express and experience the best pizza delivery in San Jose! We offer 30 different specialty pizzas whether  you are cheese lover, vegetarian, chicken or meat pizza lover, we are willing to satisfy every wild San Jose pizza fantasy. Should you be in for pizza delivery in Santa Clara,  we have a verity of sections to satisfy every wild Santa Clara pizza fantasy. and if you are asking for the best pizza delivery in downtown San Jose, you came to the right place to satisfy every wild downtown pizza fantasy. We are immensely proud in our fast pizza delivery in San Jose. Just choose the type of pizza you want and place your order online. Next thing you know, our pizza express delivery will get your pizza delivered to your house in no time. We offer delivery services in San Jose, Santa Clara, Campbell, downtown San Jose and other surrounding areas to downtown Campbell. and if you are looking for pizza delivery in Campbell! Stop by the restaurant or order online, to taste best pizza, pasta and buffalo wings in town. It will always be FRESH!...HOT!...and DELICIOUS!  Check out are full menu online to view our delicious items.


Holidays Special: 20% off all Pick-Up orders at the menu price. Apply COUPON CODE: GF20 at checkout.

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